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Follow Leaders

The team at TraderVC is always on the lookout for innovative new ways of enhancing and improving your trading experience. Which is why we’re delighted to offer a potentially revolutionary trading tool called ‘Follow Leaders’.

And as the name suggests, it’s a great way of taking your trading activities to the next level!

    • The global trading community is enormous and is comprised of traders operating at a variety of levels. Along with the newcomers and learners, there are those that have been trading their whole lives and have developed incredible skills along the way. Our insightful Follow Leaders tools have the potential to be extremely helpful to both beginners and experts alike.

      If you want to take your skills to the next level and start trading alongside the industry’s most successful participants, this is a great way of going about it. The tool allows traders to copy the trades and strategies of those trading at the highest levels, which has the potential to mean improved returns and more successful trades.

      You’ll have the choice of following a single trader, a handful of successful traders or quite literally as many traders as you like. Focus on one or spread your bets across a wider playing field – it’s all up to you!

    • Not only can Follow Leaders transform the way you trade – it is also on offer 100% free of charge to all TraderVC customers. Getting started is easy, just find the trader that interests you and choose the ‘Follow’ option. It’s also just as easy to unfollow any trader at any time, so you’re not signing up for anything you can’t cancel if you choose to!

      There are no software downloads, no additional charges and it’s all available right now!

    • The primary benefit of Follow Leaders is the way in which it immediately allows any trader at any level to stand shoulder to shoulder with the best in the business. You still take full control of all your trades and every element of every move you make – it’s just that you’re able to follow the example of those with the most experience and success if you choose to do so!

      What’s more, we also offer an equally appealing trading tool called Copy Traders, which follows very similar principles but with its own unique differences.

      Check out Follow Leaders today and find out why it’s one of the most popular of all trading tools here at TraderVC!