Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the use of both the primary TraderVC website and all other services, software applications and products provided by the company (TraderVC).


  1. Use of the Website

    1. Upon accessing the TraderVC website, the user acknowledges being over 18 years old, and acknowledges their full understanding and acceptance of every term and condition laid out in this document.
    2. All TraderVC site visitors confirm that they have the legal entitlement to both visit the website itself and make use of the services and information provided by TraderVC.
    3. TraderVC reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time, without providing due notice to customers. TraderVC, therefore, requires all customers and site visitors to frequently revisit these terms and conditions, in order to note any relevant modifications.
    4. Any changes made to these terms and conditions will become immediately effective upon being posted. Clients that continue to use any part of the website following any such change(s) comprehensively agree to abide by them without exception.
  2. Access

    1. The information, products, services and resources TraderVC makes available via its primary website are not to be used by any individual or in any geographical region wherein such activities would contravene applicable law.
    2. The fact the User can access TraderVC’s website and use the tools offered online does not necessarily mean that it is legal in the User’s country to do so. Users accessing this site are required to inform themselves about any and all jurisdiction restrictions applicable to them. TraderVC will not be liable for any action taken by a User which would be contravening to the User’s applicable law.
    3. Visitors and customers alike must comprehensively agree never to use any part of the TraderVC website in a manner that interferes, disrupts or restricts the use of TraderVC’s services for other visitors and customers.
    4. Under no circumstances should any material be transmitted, displayed or loaded to/via the TraderVC website that is unlawful, obscene, threatening, defamatory, offensive or false.
  3. Disclaimer of Warranties

    1. TraderVC will not be held accountable for any results occurring directly or indirectly as a result of clients use of any of the information, products or services made available via the TraderVC website.
    2. Every TraderVC customer and site visitor agrees that the use of every TraderVC website information comes at the client’s own risk, with all information being presented and provided on an ‘as is’ basis.
    3. TraderVC does not guarantee the accuracy, relevance, completeness or timeliness of any of the information provided via the TraderVC website. All information is to be interpreted as reference material only, rather than legally binding advice.
    4. We do not buy any of the services or content we provide with guarantees or warranties of any kind. Every activity that takes place via the TraderVC or on the back of the information provided is entirely at the client’s own risk.
  4. Privacy

    1. Full details as to the TraderVC policy with regard to client privacy can be found by visiting our published Privacy Policy. All visitors to the TraderVC and customers agree to each term laid out in our Privacy Policy upon accessing our website.
  5. Limitation of Liability

    3. No Personal Claim. User knows that the Company has an interest in limiting the personal liability of its officers and employees and, having regard to that interest, User acknowledges and accepts not to bring any personal claim against TraderVC’s officers or employees in connection with the Services provided under this Agreement.
  6. Intellectual Property

    1. All texts, graphics, sounds, information, designs, applications, content, source codes and object code files, and other material displayed on or that can be downloaded from this Site are protected by copyright, trademark and other laws and may not be used except as permitted in these Terms and Conditions or with prior written permission of TraderVC, the owner of such material (hereinafter: “information” or “data”). The information on this Site belongs to TraderVC or its respective affiliates and suppliers and may not be copied or used without prior approval. You may not modify the information or materials displayed on or that can be downloaded from this Site in any way or reproduce or publicly display, perform, or distribute or otherwise use any such information or materials for any public or commercial purpose. Any unauthorized use of any such information or materials may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, laws of privacy and publicity, and other laws and regulations.
    2. TraderVC Users are only permitted to download and use content from the TraderVC website for their own personal, non-commercial use, and hereby accept that any form of reproduction and/or modification of the content is strictly prohibited.
    3. Any and all infringement to TraderVC’s intellectual property will be prosecuted by TraderVC to the highest extent of law.
  7. Links and Advertisements

    1. The TraderVC website features a variety of links and marketing materials from third-party websites, businesses and service providers. Although TraderVC selects such marketing materials and links in accordance with the interests of customers, site users accept that we accept no liability whatsoever for any outcome resulting from such advertisements and links being clicked/followed. Third-party marketing content and links provided must not be interpreted as endorsements or recommendations from TraderVC. Upon making use of any such materials or links, you immediately become bound by the terms and conditions of the respective third-party service provider in question.
    2. Creating or maintaining any link from another Site to any page on this Site, without TraderVC’s written permission is prohibited. Running or displaying this Site or any information or material displayed on this Site in frames or through similar means on another Site without TraderVC’s prior written permission is prohibited. Any permitted links to this Site must comply will all applicable laws, rules and regulations and ethical conduct on the internet.

Client Agreement

Our client agreement represents the legal contract entered into by both the service provider (TraderVC) and the customer. Upon opening an account with TraderVC, the customer immediately acknowledges their acceptance of and compliance with each and every term and condition laid out in this document.

  1. Introduction

    1. The client agreement entered into by both parties, upon account opening, details the terms and conditions by which the relevant financial instruments and training tools will be used to carry out trades in accordance with the client’s orders.
    2. When trading financial instruments, the customer enters into a contract in which they register their prediction as to whether or not the price of the underlying asset will increase or decrease within a specific time frame, this is not an “all or nothing” outcome.
    3. In order to be eligible to operate trading with TRADERVC the User must be over the age of 18 and fully understand the risks involved. By entering TraderVC’s website, User hereby acknowledges that they have the knowledge and experience to trade and understand the risks involved. TraderVC can’t be held responsible for any damage or loss, or for verifying whether the User possesses sufficient knowledge or whether User’s trading choices are wise.
    4. The same conditions apply regarding legal restrictions. User should understand in full that trading, investments, and similar operations are regulated in a different way, throughout the world. The fact the User can access our website and use the tools TraderVC offers doesn’t necessarily mean that it is legal in the User’s country to do so.
    5. Users accessing this site are required to inform themselves about the jurisdiction restrictions applicable to them, and hereby declare that the funds used for trading do not originate from any criminal activity or otherwise breach any law.
    6. Customers are provided with a limited license by TraderVC upon account opening, which must only be used by the license holder. Licenses are non-transferable and available only to those over the age of 18, or older should the customer’s jurisdiction demand a higher minimum age for financial trading activities. The customer’s license must not be used at any time by any other person for any reason whatsoever. Accounts may be temporarily suspended or permanently closed where customers are found to have breached the terms of their license.
  2. Verification of the Trading Account

    1. A TraderVC customer account will be considered verified by the company upon receiving: the customer’s relevant KYC (Know Your Customer) personal information. Should any of the customer’s personal information change at any time, it must be reported to the TraderVC customer service team immediately.
    2. Effective ‘Know Your Customer’ (“KYC”) measures are essential to the management of any Anti-Money Laundering activities. TraderVC uses such methods to identify each client’s identity on the basis of documents, data or information obtained from a reliable and independent source both at the moment of starting a business relationship and on an ongoing basis.

      Identity is composed by attributes such as names used, date of birth and the residential address of the customer. This information can uniquely identify a natural or legal person. For a natural person, the date of birth should be obtained as an important identifier to support the name. If the customer provides an international passport as evidence of identity, the number, date and country of issue should be recorded (preferably the scan should be maintained on files as well).

      The identity must be verified any time a business relationship with TraderVC will be established, a significant one-off transaction is made.

      The following documents can be used to attest the identification information:
      • Personal Identity Documents: front and back color copy of a valid Government issued Photo I.D, (i.e. Identification Card/Driver License/Passport), where we can see Name, Picture, Date of Birth, Expiry Date, Signature and all 4 corners of the document.
      • Current International Passport.
      • Residence Permit issued by the Immigration Authorities.
      • Current Driving License.
      • Inland Revenue Tax Clearance Certificate.
      • Birth Certificate/Sworn Declaration of Age
      • Record of Home Visit.
      • Confirmation from the electoral register that a person of that name lives at that address.
      • Proof of Residence – A recent utility bill (water, electricity, gas, and internet) issued in the past three (3) months- note: it is better to use a physical electricity/municipality bill as a utility bill, not a mobile telephone bill. No paychecks, store bills or insurances will be accepted.
      • Bank Reference Letter.
      • Partially covered copy (front and back) of the Credit/Debit card used to make the deposit. Only the name, bank issuer, expiration date, and last four numbers of your card need to be visible on the front, while a clear signature needs to be visible on the back side (All other details can be covered).
      • Declaration of Deposit (DOD).
    3. Accounts with TraderVC become active following the transfer of funds from the customer into the customer’s newly opened trading account. The account will only be activated for use when the agreed minimum initial deposit is transferred. Should it be determined that any applicable terms or conditions have been breached after an account has been activated, all funds and trading activities may be frozen pending investigation. The transfer of funds both into and out of the customer’s account must be done in strict accordance with TraderVC’s terms and conditions.
    4. All TraderVC customers expressly guarantee that their membership, and any trading activity taken, are in complete compliance with every applicable law and legislative requirement in accordance with their jurisdiction.
    5. Customers are prohibited to open more than ONE account in the same currency with TraderVC.
  3. Forex and CFD Trading Platform

    1. TraderVC provides a Forex and CFD trading platform which grants customers access to a wide variety of assets including commodities, stocks, currency pairs, and indices. Indicative quotes are displayed in accordance with information available at the time from various financial information systems on a global basis. Quotes are determined by way of mathematical calculations carried out in accordance with the current information. As both the information provided and the mathematical calculations used vary from one trading platform to the next, the customer accepts that different price quotes may be displayed by different trading platforms/brokers.
    2. TraderVC makes no guarantee that any of the available trading tools or the primary trading platform itself will be available at all times without any error or interruption.
    3. All TraderVC customers hereby provide the company with their complete consent to act upon any orders, instructions or communications provided by the client, or any individual authorized to provide instruction on the client’s behalf. Clients accept full and unequivocal responsibility for each and every outcome of caring as a result of their instructions and orders placed with TraderVC.
    4. TraderVC may at any time and without advance notice make the decision to impose specific parameters or limits on the ability of any customer to place orders, or adjust the terms by which transactions can be made. This may include but is not limited to changes or limitations with regard to maximum orders sizes and order amounts, prices at which the customer is able to submit orders, changes or restrictions with regard to any or all Electronic Services provided by TraderVC and any other controls all parameters we choose to impose. The company will inform the customer immediately upon the decision to enforce any such restrictions or parameters.
    5. Any actions or non-actions that are determined to be the result of platform malfunction, manipulation or exploitation of any kind will be blocked if not already active and frozen if in progress.
    6. Unless express permission is provided by TraderVC, customers are forbidden from using any kind of automated trading software used to automatically place orders on their behalf. Any profits generated as a result of the use of automated trading software may be withheld by the company and all traderVC customers provide their full consent to this contractual term. However, software that does not actually place trades automatically but instead generates suggestions and notifications when and where successful trades could be entered into is permitted by traderVC, as it is still the client that manually places the order.
    7. In any instance where a trade has been entered into at the time of a system malfunction, error or unforeseen eventuality of any kind, the company reserves the right to immediately cancel it. This also applies to any trades entered into where it is determined that the customer has breached any applicable terms and conditions.
    8. TraderVC allows clients to watch over all active trades by accessing their Trading Account online. However, the company does not guarantee that account access will be available at all times and accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of customers not being able to access their accounts.
  4. Funds

    1. Customers are permitted to transfer funds into their accounts using a variety of currencies and payment methods, in accordance with those specified as acceptable by the company at the time. As the trading platform operates using US Dollars and/or Euro and/or GBP, other currencies chance for into customer accounts will be converted into the relevant trading currency, in accordance with exchange rates determined and published by TraderVC at the time of the transaction. Customers transferring funds into their accounts fully accept all exchange rates offered by TraderVC at the time of the transaction.
    2. In order to transfer funds by way of bank transfer, TraderVC must be provided with the relevant bank account details including full SWIFT confirmation. In addition, it is the responsibility of the account holder to provide proof that the account in question is registered to them and them alone. In any instance where any required information is not provided or deemed unacceptable by the company, the transaction will be immediately denied or reversed.
    3. Upon transference of funds from the customer to the company, the funds immediately become the property of TraderVC and will be used appropriately as a means of which to cover the orders, activities, and actions in general of the customer. Account funds can and will be returned to the customer upon request, in accordance with all applicable terms and conditions. The company is only obliged to return funds to the customer when it is satisfied that all applicable terms and conditions have been met.
    4. All payable fees and commissions owed by the client to TraderVC will be automatically debited from the funds available in their account. No benefits or interest of any kind are payable on customer account balances.
    5. Withdrawals must always be requested to the same source of funds from which they were originally transmitted into the account of the customer. All withdrawals will also be paid out in the same currency as was used at the time the initial deposit was made. However, the company reserves the right at its own discretion to transfer withdrawals to different accounts or cards, should the customer in question have several available payment methods.
    6. All customers upon opening accounts with TraderVC declare that the funds transferred into their accounts and use for trading activities are 100% legally obtained funds and were not obtained by any kind of criminal activity. TraderVC works in accordance with strict Anti-Money Laundering policies.
    7. TraderVC will not be held responsible for the consequences in the result of any transactions in either direction being delayed, disrupted or canceled for any given reason. All transactions are requested and entered into entirely at the customer’s own risk.
    8. In addition to the above and without limiting the generality of this clause, the customer:
      1. Confirms that the Bank Account details are complete and accurate and that the customer will notify TraderVC immediately if there are any changes and will provide the Company with such documentation;
      2. Confirms that (unless otherwise agreed by TraderVC) the Bank Account relates to a bank account opened in the customer’s country of main residence;
      3. Acknowledges and accepts that TraderVc is under no obligation to transfer any monies to or accept any monies from any account other than the Bank Account.
      4. Except in the case of fraud (not including fraud from a third party), TraderVC does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by the customer as a result of customer’s trading on monies deposited in or credited to customer’s Account in error by or upon our behalf.
      5. TraderVC reserves the right to close or suspend accounts at any time in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
    9. Upon receiving a withdrawal request from a customer, the financial department at TraderVC oversees, manages and verifies the safety and authenticity of each and every withdrawal request. In order for a withdrawal to be processed and actioned, the client must first provide the relevant identification documents as requested, and there must be a voice authorization between the customer and TraderVC’s broker. Failure to provide such voice authorization between the customer and the broker will cancel the withdrawal request. If all prior conditions are met:

      (a)The company will make every effort to ensure that the withdrawal is processed between 5 to 10 business days from the moment the request and voice authorization by TraderVC’s broker are received. However, we do not guarantee that any transaction will be completed successfully within this time period. The withdrawal request will be canceled or frozen in the event that TraderVC determines there not to be enough funds in the account at the time, if there is no voice authorization between TraderVC’s broker and the Customer, or if any other applicable terms and conditions have been breached.
      (b)TraderVC will not be held liable in the event that any withdrawals are delayed to any extent, either as a result of our own processing services or those of third-party Financial Service providers.
      (c)The minimum withdrawal amount by way of credit or debit card is 100 USD/EUR/GBP.
      (d)The minimum withdrawal amount for wire transfers is 500 USD/EUR/GBP.
      (e)Every TraderVC customer can make one withdrawal monthly free of charge. On every additional withdrawal, there is a 30 USD/EUR/GBP charge.

    10. Clearing and billing services are done by Las Processing D.O.O., Cetinjski PUT BB Podgorica, 81000, Montenegro.
  5. Charges

    1. TraderVC does not impose any commissions or brokerage fees whatsoever for executing orders on the behalf of traders.
    2. TraderVC may impose fees and charges on deposits made by way of credit card or debit card to active customer accounts.
    3. The company also reserves the right to introduce new charges, fees and commissions at any time, though it is required to provide at least ten (10) business days’ notice to clients should any changes be made to existing fee structures.
  6. Bonus Policy

    1. From time to time, TraderVC may offer both existing and new customers a variety of special offers, welcome bonuses, and incentives. Each bonus will come with its own unique terms and conditions attached, which must be studied and understood comprehensively by anyone wishing to take part in the offer. All such bonuses and rewards will be available for a limited time only and may be withdrawn at any time at the company’s discretion.
    2. In any instance that the company believes any applicable terms and conditions have been breached, bonus funds may be frozen or removed from the customer’s account. This also applies to any instances of suspected fraud.
    3. It is necessary to satisfy specific training requirements in order for any of the bonus funds credited or winnings accrued thereon to be withdrawn.
    4. Upon accepting any special offer, incentives or bonuses made available by TraderVC, the customer immediately consents to each and every applicable term and condition laid out – including those that may be specific to this particular bonus. When a bonus has been accepted, it cannot then be reversed or canceled by the customer under any circumstances. Nevertheless, TraderVC reserves the right to alter all terms and conditions with regard to bonus offers at any time and without providing advance notice.
  7. Privacy and Data Protection

    1. In order to provide its core services and facilities, it is necessary for TraderVC to requests and retains certain personal information about its customers. At all times, the most extensive security and privacy policies guarantee the utmost protection of customer data.
    2. Information provided by customers in accordance with the requirements of TraderVC may be used:
      (a) For our own internal business purposes and when working with affiliates.
      (b) To the full extent to which applicable law dictates
      (c) As a means by which to protect ourselves and our customers from fraudulent, illegal or unauthorized activity of any kind
      (d) For training and quality purposes, in order to allow us to continually improve the products, services, and facilities we provide.
      (e) When requested to provide any information in full or in part in accordance with applicable law relevant to the jurisdiction of the account holder.
    3. Upon becoming a customer of TraderVC, express consent is provided by the client that the company has full permission to use the personal information submitted for marketing and promotional purposes, along with the provision of important information and updates. This information may be provided via any of the communication channels disclosed at the time the account was opened. The company must be notified in writing should any of this consent be considered unacceptable by the client, though we reserve the right to refuse requests for customer data not to be used for such purposes.
    4. All communications including telephone calls may be monitored, recorded and stored indefinitely by the company. TraderVC retains records of all conversations as a means by which to protect both the company and its customers in the event of future disputes or legal issues. By accessing any products, services or content made available to by TraderVC, you provide your express consent that all communications may be recorded.
    5. The personal information submitted by clients may be shared with affiliates and other brands owned and operated by TraderVC.
    6. In order to use any of the features, facilities or contents made available by TraderVC, it may be necessary to accept Cookies on your Internet browser.
  8. Advice, Information, and Tax

    1. TraderVC does not provide any information or advice with regard to potential transaction profitability, taxation requirements or any other related issues. Each and every customer bears full responsibility for fully considering the implications of every trade and transaction carried out. Upon opening an account with TraderVC, the client confirms that they have sufficient experience, knowledge, and expertise in Forex and CFD trading to evaluate the potential rewards and high risks of their transactions and trades. Clients also acknowledge the fact that TraderVC accepts no liability whatsoever for any consequences resulting from the use of any services or content provided by the company.
    2. Where any information or market commentary is provided by TraderVC, customers accept that the information provided is in no way legally binding and does not represent a recommendation or endorsement of anything. It is entirely incidental to the relationship between the company and the client and is offered only as a supplementary resource for customers to use when making their trading decisions.
    3. Should negative consequences arise following the direct or indirect use of any of the information or market commentary the company offers, TraderVC accepts no liability whatsoever.
    4. With the exception of verifiable gross negligence on our part, there is no circumstance under which the company will be held liable for any damages, expenses of losses that may occur as a result of inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information being published. Clients accept that we cannot and will not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information or market commentary provided by the company.
    5. TraderVC does not play any role in determining the responsibility or appropriateness of any of the transactions and trades our customers enter into. It is the sole responsibility of our customers to ensure that they have the knowledge, experience, understanding and required funds to safely and responsibly place their chosen trades. Those without the required knowledge and experience are recommended not to begin trading without further study.
    6. Customers bear sole responsibility for meeting all relevant tax requirements in accordance with their jurisdiction. TraderVC will not offer any advice on taxation or related matters than therefore accepts no liability for the consequences of any customers failing to meet their tax obligations. TraderVC works as a mediator and has no bearing on the financial situation of the customer, or their taxation situation. We will, upon request, deduct the required taxation from members’ accounts to be paid directly to the relevant authorities, should we be ordered to do so.
    7. The law in the United States with regard to buying and selling commodities is very specific and differs from that of most other nations. Customers are required to fully evaluate the legality of their own status with regard to trading in accordance with their jurisdiction, before opening an account with TraderVC.
  9. Account Balances

    1. Customers are able to monitor their accounts via the primary TraderVC trading platform, where full statements of all active and past trades can also be found.
  10. Closing an account and cancellation of the agreement

    1. The agreement entered into by the company and the customer can be terminated by either party at any time, with a standard notice period of 10 working days. In any instance where any terms of the agreement are breached by the company or the customer, the agreement may be terminated immediately. Upon termination of an account, the customer will be required to close any remaining open positions, which will otherwise be rendered void by the company. The company also reserves the right to close all remaining open positions, assuming no liability for any potential consequences. It is, therefore, advisable that account closures be discussed in full with the TraderVC customer service team, before going ahead.
    2. When an account is terminated, any funds that are owed either to the customer by the company or vice versa will be due for payment immediately.
    3. Account termination does not affect the statutory rights of the customer, who may with the exception of accounts terminated due to contractual breaches once again open a new account in the future.
  11. Limitations of Liability and Indemnities

    1. Every service, product and all information provided by TraderVC is offered on an “as available” and “as is” basis. We do not guarantee that any of the information, products, services, facilities, resources or software we provide access to are fit for purpose, accurate or up to date. The entire TraderVC service package is made available under the express condition that customers accept that they bear sole responsibility for the consequences that occur as a result of using the company’s services and information. Under no circumstances do we accept any liability for any outcome experience, irrespective of the level of loss, damage or harm.
    2. All customers agree to and acknowledge the fact that the trading platform is operational 24 hours a day and that their trades and activities will continue whether or not they themselves are online at any particular time. Any issues or losses endured due to not being able to access the TraderVC for any given reason represent the sole responsibility of the customer.
    3. In any instance where the actions of the customer result in the company facing any costs, losses, damages or liabilities, the full amount of the expenses will be demanded from the customer. All customers hereby agree to compensate the company for any and all expenses incurred due to the actions or inaction of the customer.
    4. Should the customer owe any money to the company for any given reason, this may be taken immediately from the customer’s account balance or any subsequent winnings earned. Should it be determined that the customer has in any way breached the terms of their customer agreement, all outstanding debts will become payable immediately.
  12. General Provisions

    1. TraderVC reserves the right to make amendments to any part of the customer agreement, without having to obtain permission from the customer. However, in the instance that any changes are to be made to the agreement, the customer will be provided with at least 10 days’ notice. The new terms of the agreement will go into effect as of the date specified unless the customer chooses not to agree to the new terms. In such instances, it will be necessary for the customer to immediately close their account with TraderVC.
    2. Should any aspect of our customer agreement become invalid, irrelevant or illegal at any time and for any given reason, it will not have any impact whatsoever on any of the other terms set out within the agreement. Therefore, the validity and enforceability of the rest of the agreement will remain unchanged. Should it be necessary to make amendments to the customer agreement for legal reasons, customers will be notified of this in advance.
    3. Customers who enter into a joint account with a second person accept that neither party has precedence over the other when it comes to authority over the account. Both customers will have equal rights to the account and the trading platform and will be treated as individual customers, with absolutely no consent being required from the second party for any decisions to be made or trades to be actioned. In the case of disputes or instances where conflicting information or requests are received from joint account holders, TraderVC will proceed in accordance with the last instruction communicated. Severe disputes may lead to account suspension or closure.
    4. The client and the company will communicate using only the specified languages spoken by TraderVC. It is important that customers have a strong grasp of at least one of the supported languages before considering opening an account.
    5. All communications provided by the customer will be sent to TraderVC by way of e-mail or other electronic means – all such information being provided on our Contact us page. We will always endeavor to respond to all customer communications as quickly as possible, though offer no guarantees with regard to response times.
    6. TraderVC will always seek legal action against any customers the company determines to be or have been involved in any kind of activity we deem to be fraudulent, illegal or geared toward defamation of our company. We will also bring legal proceedings against those who infringe on the privacy of other customers, our own intellectual property and so on.
    7. This agreement and each of the terms therein apply solely and exclusively to the parties entering into the contract. Under no circumstances may any account holder at any time allowed any other individual to make use of the services and facilities granted to them, in accordance with their customer agreement. The agreement becomes binding the moment it is entered into by both parties and cannot in any way be contravened without express permission in writing from TraderVC.
    8. If TraderVC determines that an account has been left dormant for too long, the company reserves the right to close the account. This also applies to instances where trading accounts are left with insufficient funds to carry out trading activities, trading activity is extremely low in volume or the time between trades carried out is excessively long. In such instances, a commission may be payable to the company which will be determined in accordance with the specifics of the case. Customers not intending to use their accounts on a regular basis for regular trading are advised to contact the TraderVC customer service team for advice.
  13. AML Procedure

    1. Upon registering with TraderVC, customers will be requested to provide the company with a number of personal details in order for their accounts to be activated. Should the customer refuse to provide all required information or be found to have provided incorrect information, their account will be rendered void.
    2. TraderVC requires all customers to go through a verification process as a means by which for trading accounts to be activated. This is done in order to ensure that fraudulent activity is detected and dealt with before being given the chance to pose a risk to our customers and our business. The specifics of the verification process will be communicated during the initial sign up process. In any instance where a customer is unwilling to comply and go through the necessary verification process, their account will be rendered inactive.
    3. Customer accounts will only be credited with winnings upon verification that the trainer using the account is, in fact, the individual who opened and verified the account in the first place.
    4. Customers who open their accounts and begin trading by way of bank wire transfers will only be able to receive winnings via the same bank account. It is therefore of critical importance to ensure that all account details are provided in full and flawlessly accurate, in order to avoid bounced transactions or the requested funds ending up in the wrong account.
    5. Customers who open accounts and begin trading using credit cards will likewise only be able to request withdrawals back to the original card that was used to open the account. It is also imperative that the name on the credit card is the same name as the individual who opened the account.
    6. Customers are permitted to open one account only and have one active account in operation at any one time. Where multiple accounts are opened or false names used to open accounts, such accounts will be immediately frozen and all winnings forfeited.
    7. Upon request, customers may be required to provide TraderVC with further evidence of their identity, which may include anything from passport or driving license scans to utility bills and similar documentation. If any such documentation is requested and not provided by the customer, the company reserves the right to suspend or even close accounts if the required evidence is not provided.
    8. All clients who wish to activate their trading account (in order to use the trading platform), must go through a process of voice verification with one of the companies representatives. This condition means that the client needs to be in contact with his/her representative for voice verification in order to be allowed such actions as, deposit or withdrawal from his/her trading account. Refusal by the customer to comply with the condition above may result in immediate cancellation of the required transaction.
  14. Restriction

    1. In order to comply with International Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, it is necessary for all customers of TraderVC to be fully identity verified before accounts can be activated. We impose strict controls in order to ensure that stolen cards and identities may not be used by those looking to trade using our platform. If you are not required to verify your identity upon opening your account, you will be required to do so in order to make any subsequent withdrawals.
  15. Restriction Requirements:

    1. Brokerage services that work with Visa/MasterCard International are required to collect all required verification documents from you customers within no more than 72 hours from their initial deposit. If after this time there is still outstanding documentation, an e-mail will be sent as an urgent reminder. Should the accounts still not be fully verified and activated by the fifth day, all trading rights and account activities will be suspended until the account is verified.