Privacy Policy

Information collected by the website

We use automatic tracking and recording software which many collect data with regard to how you found our website, which pages you have accessed, how much time you spend on any given pages, how frequently you visit our website and more. All such information is used by the company as a means by which to improve our services to customers, though may also be used as a basis for contacting customers with relevant or useful information with regard to TraderVC and the products and services we offer.

Personal information

In order to open a trading account with TraderVC, it is necessary to provide the company with specific personal information for both administrative and legal purposes. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all information supplied is both accurate and complete – any errors or omissions will render your account and any active trades/transactions void. We may use your information as a basis to contact you with regard to products, services and special offers available from time to time.

The information we request from our customers may include:

The basic information you submit to us by way of your initial membership application form, which includes your full name, postal address, date of birth, occupation, passport number, current income, and assets. Your financial information is required in order to help ensure we provide you with the most appropriate and highest quality service possible. We will also store information with regard to the transactions you make, along with all communications with TraderVC. In any instance where it is necessary for the company to request additional verification of identity from customers, we may require supplementary documentation such as driving licences, utility bills and so on. Customers that are unwilling or unable to comply with such requests may have their accounts suspended or terminated. All such information is collected and stored with the utmost regard for privacy and security.

Sharing information with our affiliates

From time to time, TraderVC may share the information collected by the company and submitted by our customers with affiliate businesses and brands, in full accordance with data protection legislation. Along with companies owned and operated by TraderVC and its parent companies, we may share the personal information of our customers with other businesses that are not directly connected with TraderVC. Any of the personal information detailed above may be shared with affiliates for the purposes of marketing, security, customer research or to improve our products and services. Your personal information will be protected by our affiliates to the same high extent as TraderVC looks after your data and security.

Sharing information with third parties

Your personal information will never be shared with or disclosed to any third party businesses or organizations that we do not believe are of direct relevance and value to the best interests of our customers. We do not sell the personal data of customers for marketing purposes and are mindful about those we do business with. When your personal information is shared with affiliates, it is shared under the sworn condition that it will be protected by the highest possible security standards and technological measures.

Regulatory disclosure

TraderVC may be required to share your information with third parties of any kind if requested to do so in accordance with applicable regulations and laws. If we are legally obliged to disclose or share your personal information, we must comply with such requests. Under limited circumstances, it may be necessary to share or provide your personal information to third parties, as a means by which to protect our own property and rights.

Opt out

If you do not agree with any of the terms set out in this privacy policy, you are within your rights to contact TraderVC and request that you be excluded. However, this will generally result in the inability to open and operate a trading account with TraderVC. By signing up with TraderVC or using any of the products, services, information or content made available via the company’s website, you acknowledge your full understanding and agreement with each and every term laid out in both this privacy policy and our terms and conditions.