Before registering as a customer with TraderVC, it is the responsibility of the customer and the customer alone to analyze the risks involved, consider and determine whether or not CFD trading represents a suitable activity, in accordance with their circumstances. They must be aware of and consider the risks attached to all trading activities, carefully considering their financial situation and whether or not they can afford to get involved. Customers are warned that capital market trading is speculative and risky at all times. In the case of CFD trading, it is just as possible to make heavy losses, to lose all your investment, as quickly and easily as it is to turn a profit. The most popular available markets for this kind of trading are considered to be the most volatile of all, meaning they can also be the most unpredictable. As TraderVC accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any consequences as a result of the trading activities of its customers, it is the sole responsibility of the customer to take full responsibility for their actions. It is perfectly possible for customers to empty their entire accounts in a matter of minutes and have nothing left over. In order to determine whether or not CFD trading is suitable for any given person, customers are advised to consider their current financial situation comprehensively. From mortgage loans to retirement savings to monthly income to debt of any kind, it is highly advisable to only approach CFD trading with disposable income, which if lost will have no bearing on the customer’s current lifestyle.

Rules and Regulations

It is important for customers to fully understand all applicable rules and regulations, in accordance with both the way TraderVC does business and how CFD trading in general works. If the customer is deemed to have contravened any rules, regulations, terms or conditions set out by the company, either deliberately or without realizing they have done so, active positions may be closed and customer accounts suspended or terminated. There are various strategies and techniques by which traders at all levels carry out their CFD trading activities. The company does not however recommend buying into what can often be extremely risky trading strategies, without first having investigated them comprehensively and fully understanding their mechanics and attached risks. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that their own approach to trading is one built upon a solid educational foundation and understanding of the relevant rules and regulations.
TraderVC offers no guarantees as to the efficiency, accuracy, effectiveness, reliability or performance of the trading platform made available to customers. Customers accept that technical problems and other unforeseen issues may make it difficult or impossible to access the platform from time to time. In instances where the platform cannot be accessed or underperforms/malfunctions in any way, TraderVC accepts absolutely no liability whatsoever for any resulting loss, damage or negative consequences that may arise. Customers agree that all products and services made available by the company are used entirely at their own risk and are free of all guarantees and warranties.

Account Statements

Customers bear full responsibility for regularly reconciling their accounts, in order to note for possible errors and discrepancies. In any instance where a discrepancy is suspected, it is the responsibility of the customer to bring it to the attention of the company immediately. If you do not inform the company of any suspected error the moment it arises, it will be assumed by the company that you have accepted the transaction and confirm its accuracy. You will receive periodic statements from the company, which upon receipt must be studied in full in order to verify accuracy. In addition, TraderVC reminds customers that any and all information provided by the company represents neutral reference material only and does not constitute any professional recommendations or investment advice. All action taken and trades entered into are 100% the responsibility of the customer and the customer alone.
As TraderVC does not hold insurance that offers customer protection in the case of insolvency or misconduct by our agents, customers are advised that trading with TraderVC represents an activity entered into entirely at their own risk.

Cease of Trading

Customers acknowledge and accept the fact that due to the nature of the industry, there may be circumstances or situations beyond the control of the company which lead to the disruption, suspension or withdrawal of any given part of the commerce system. In an instance where commerce disruption occurs, TraderVC reserves the right to immediately close open customer transactions without prior notification, in fair accordance with conditions at the time. The company will however accept no responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or negative consequences that may occur due to transactions being closed as a result of circumstances beyond our control.
The information provided by the company is sourced from a wide variety of third-party international information providers, which in turn makes it impossible for TraderVC to guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information we provide. We will always strive to ensure that the information we provide is as accurate as possible and will make any necessary changes the moment we become aware of any errors or omissions. Nevertheless, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information we provide and therefore accept no liability for any consequences that may arise on the back of use of any such information.

Force majeure

The company accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any consequences that may result from a force majeure that TraderVC has no control over. This includes communication delays or disruptions, technical issues, computer crashes, software issues, site security breaches, data corruption, account issues, hardware failure and so on.