Here at TraderVC, we are relentlessly committed to the safety and security of our customers and their finances. Along with adhering to the strictest fraud-prevention and anti-money-laundering policies, this is a requirement by both TraderVC and all affiliated financial institutions to protect our customers. The integrity of your account is extremely important to us – we take your peace of mind very seriously.


Required Documentation

To ensure full legal compliance, all TraderVC clients must submit the necessary documentation and evidence to verify both identity and legal residence. You will not be able to make full use of your account or the services made available by TraderVC, until you have satisfied all necessary identity verification requirements.

You can submit the required documentation to us securely by email.

Important: When you are sending docs via email, please note that all 4 corners of the documents should be visible.

For more information on our verification process, get in touch with the TraderVC customer service team today.


Proof of Identity

We only accept identification documents and evidence that is clear, legible, up to date and government issued.

In order to validate and activate your account, we first require a clear scan or photocopy of one of the following:

1. Passport
2. National ID
3. Driver’s license

Please note that we do not accept social security cards, medicare/health insurance cards, travel cards, office badges, professional cards and veteran affairs cards.

The form of identity verification you choose must clearly show the following:
1. Issuer
2. Your full name
3. Your date of birth
4. Expiration date
5. Signature
6. A clear picture
7. All 4 corners visible


Important: The copy should be in COLOR!

Proof of Residence

We also need to obtain proof of residency, which again must be supplied in the form of an official document – scanned or photographed and submitted to the team.

Acceptable documents include:

1. A bank or credit card statement
2. A utility bill for: gas, water, phone, electricity, internet

Please note that we do not accept paychecks, store bills, insurances, invoices, receipts and vehicle tax.

The document must clearly detail:

1. Your full name
2. Date of Issue
3. Your address of residence
4. Issuer
5. All 4 corners should be visible


Important: Any documents dated more than 3 months prior to their receipt will be rejected – we require up-to-date documents for the verification process.

Partially covered Copy of Your Credit/Debit card

A scanned copy, (front and back) of the card used to make the deposit. Only the name, expiration date and last four numbers of your card need to be visible on the front, while a clear signature needs to be visible on the back side (All other details can be covered).

Must be visible:

1. Last 4 Digits
2. Expiry Date
3. Name
4. Issuer Name
5. Back Side – Signature
6. All 4 corners


Declaration of Deposit form

Kindly print, fill-out and hand sign the following form which can be found here

Afterwards, the document must be photographed or scanned with the following elements visible:

1. Date of deposit
2. Exact hour (with timezone)
3. Amount and currency
4. Last 4 digits
5. Signature

Important: All details must be written by the customer.