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Copy Traders

It’s probably fair to say that anyone won over by the Follow Leaders trading model will be just as interested in the Copy Traders approach. The reason being that in principle, they both follow the same kind of trading methodology. For the most part, they both allow those wishing to do so to copy the trading activities of successful traders – the appeal of which is self-explanatory. Nevertheless, there are differences between the two approaches.

What’s different with Copy Traders

Copy Traders differs from Follow Leaders in that way that it involves winning trades instantly being copied. Or to put it another way, rather than actually following a trader, you instead work in accordance with their winning trade. At any given time, the traders that are experiencing the most success are displayed in a table at the right-hand side of the screen. You simply select the trader you’re interested in, which in turn opens up the relevant trading instruments and assets they have open at the time. Which in turn means that you are able to carry out real-time trades in accordance with the actions of successful traders, without having to follow them.

Where is the Copy Traders Tool found

You’ll find the tool prominently placed on the primary TraderVC trading platform. Simply click on the tool, choose a trader and copy their successful trades.

Copying a Trade in Three Steps

There are no fees to pay or downloads required to use this hugely popular trading tool. It’s a case of following just three simple steps to set the wheels in motion, which are as follows:

  1. Choose the trader you’d like to copy and hit the ‘Copy’ button.
  2. This will then transport you to the same trading instruments and assets the trader you chose is using.
  3. After this, it’s simply a case of deciding how much you would like to place on the trade and in which direction you believe the price of the asset will go.

There are no limits to how many traders you can follow or copy using this facility. There is also the option of going against the trader of your choosing – if they placed a ‘call’ and you believe a ‘put’ represents the best way to go, you can do exactly that!

Why use Copy Traders

The primary benefit of Copy Traders is obvious – it gives traders at all levels the opportunity to emulate the trading decisions and actions of the most successful traders. Best of all, it’s a tool that’s available 100% free of charge to all TraderVC customers with no limitations or catches!
If you haven’t already given it a shot, we recommend checking out the Copy Traders tool today!